Thursday, March 18, 2010

"i can ride my bike with no handlebars"

Let me tell you, I am sore. It's Spring again, or at least it feels like it outside, which means my body wakes back up and starts moving around again and my heart has not been thanking me for the three-ish months of hibernation. But in the last two days I've ridden my bike about ten miles and threw some frisbee for about an hour, none of which is much at all, generally, but it's good to move again.

I'm sort of split-fence when it comes to working out. I used to be a runner and this time four years ago I could run a good eight or nine miles without thinking twice, but except when I've got someone pushing me, I don't really like working out or running for the sake of doing so. If it's something I'm doing because I'm doing something else physical--soccer, hiking, ultimate, etc.--then bring it on. I just get bored by doing it to do it.

Biking is different though. I grew up riding my bike all the time, spending hours and hours of my day riding with my brother, my neighbor, whoever, just riding all day and turning brown and getting into all kinds of trouble. And so if I could spend my day riding around town now--well, no complaints. My car is currently out of commission, at least legally, and while I can drive it, it's so unsafe that I decided to go ahead and make the jump to the bike. So I rode my bike to work today and it's not a bad ride at all, only two miles, and as much as I thought it would kill me to do it so soon after waking up, it was nice.

The plan for the summer includes a lot of bike riding. If I get the Link job, I'm gonna work a less than I normally do this summer and, apart from fund raising, I'm hoping to get to go to the beach a good amount. Ride down there with a couple of friends a couple times a week. What's that?--to work twice and to the beach twice--a good twenty-four miles a week? Anyway. I'm just ready to run around outside and do handstands and play volleyball or pick-up soccer or play tag on the beach on a night where the moon is huge and the water is still like a lake and we're splashing into the water, hiding underneath, to keep from being tagged it.

It's funny, the song Handlebars by Flobots just started playing. The first time I heard it I was in Colombia and it seemed so random and crazy in the middle of all the Spanish that I thought it was the most hilarious thing I'd ever heard and then I heard it again when I came back to the States and I realized it was incredible. Deeper meanings aside, though, we used to do that, ride our bikes with no handlebars. We used to ride standing up on them (feet on the pedals, knees holding on to the seat, hands in the air... like you just don't care!).

Aaaaand, speaking of human ingenuity, I've got to rig up a basket for my bike out of the inside cardboard of two paper rolls and some rubberbands and duct tape, so on that note--happy Wednesday!

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