Sunday, March 28, 2010

hole-y bleeding piercings, batman!

Before I write this post, I would just like to say that some kids in my neighborhood just knocked on my door and tried to sell me a real, live turtle. One of them was holding it--and the turtle was bigger than the kid's head--by the shell with one hand, not really swinging it but holding it how you might hold a football or something. I asked him where he'd gotten it, and he told me Petco, and then I asked him why he was selling it, and he said it was too big, he didn't want it anymore. I didn't buy it, obviously, but whoa. Bizarre.

So, on to the real post. Ever since my freshman year I've wanted to pierce my cartilage about halfway up. I didn't do it then because I thought I'd have to go out of county to do it and ended up never getting around to it. And then a few days ago my lovely roommate Hodgesaur and I decided to go ahead and finally get it done. The first thing to know is that ever since I got the worst three consecutive haircuts known to man, I've had an awkwardly-growing-out section on the front right half of my head (basically like bangs except a fourth of my head) and while it appears to tuck behind my ear, it does not. Which means right around the time Chew (the piercer) was piercing my ear, all of a sudden there was a bunch of hair in the way and he couldn't see what he was doing.

It hurt at first, but not too bad. But since it my hair messed things up a bit, he had to keep trying for well over two minutes, and let me tell you, it like to have killed me. It would have been fine if it had been quick--it even could have hurt a ton more so long as it was fast. That's okay though. So somewhere in the middle of that, my ear flat-out radiating heat, all of a sudden I just felt this huge gush. I threw my hand up to keep it from getting on my shirt and as soon as I did there was blood all over my hand and apparently all over my ear, considering the how the paper towel they'd used looked afterward.

It's pretty normal to bleed some when you get your cartilage pierced, they tell me. Fair enough. I gushed. It ended up on my pants and near about everywhere else, but I do have a pretty great earring to show for it. And, you know, boyish as this may be, if it had to go on hurting as long as it did, at least I got to see it bleed so much--it was pretty satisfying. Weird, right? Think of it this way: imagine running and tripping and accidentally falling down a hill into a tree. For all that, you at least want a good bruise to show for it. Maybe this is the eleven-year-old tomboy in me. That's all right.

Lately it's been busy-ish. Not too crazy, not too slow. I haven't felt like writing on here at all. I've spent the last two or three weeks (ever since the post on waiting) intentionally not thinking about Romania stuff. It's been working how I thought it would, and it's turned out to be good. I don't want to go too much into any of that, but I do have a phone interview with Link on Wednesday. If you're reading this and you'll pray for me, I would really appreciate that. As far as I know, this is pretty much the last thing to do before hearing about whether or not I get hired. The distance I've given this the last few weeks has put it into a totally different perspective. I'm excited, though, and incredibly nervous. I realized I've been doing stuff with this since December. December--and already it's nearly April. When did that happen? Craziest thing. So we'll see what happens. Hopefully I'll have some kind of news, whatever kind, within the week.

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