Monday, September 30, 2013

more places i've slept (this time with a happy ending)

(Scroll to the end for the most important part. Otherwise, read on.)

When we last left off, mid-August, I'd been sleeping on Marli's couch. On the night of the 25th, I slept on her love seat, my mom slept on her couch, and then I hopped a plane to Los Angeles. From there:

August 26-August 27: Eddie and Jessica's couch
August 28-September 3: futon at my soon-to-be family's house
September 4-September 7: Nicole's amazing extendable king-sized couch
September 8-September 12: With Peter Pan the cat on a pull out of the wall bed!
September 13-September 15: Eddie and Jessica's couch
September 16-September 17: Eddie and Jessica's bed (with permission!)
September 18-present: the newly bedbug-free twin bed in Alicia and John's other room

Not so bad. And even though it's piled high to the ceiling with all our things, it's got a door. I have my own bedroom that I can sleep in at night and a living room with a couch I can sit on in the day. It's glorious. But it gets better. Projected:

present-October 4: still Alicia and John's
October 5: Tessa's new camper/trailer thing
October 6-October 8: not Alicia and John's couch (tempting though it may be to return to my natural habitat)
October 9-October 12: a cabin in Wisconsin! to debrief
October 13-October 18: one last week in the twin bed as a single lady
October 19-October 24: in a hotel on Carolina Beach on not one but two queen beds which will be made much use of
October 25: somewhere in Raleigh, maybe at Grannie's, post-State Fair
October 26-INDEFINITELY: our bed in our apartment in Los Angeles

Y'all. My boy's been working hard, preparing a place for us. On October 26th, probably around five in the afternoon, I will move into our new place and unpack and sleep in our brand new bed. This is in less than a month. It's strange to think that someone chooses you and you choose them and then you have a place to be together. More on this later. For now, very soon, I will live somewhere. So so so excited.

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Kind of a different perspective than what I'm normally quoting around here but still so beautiful.

"How could our hearts be large enough for heaven if they are not large enough for earth? The only country I am certain of is the one here below. The only paradise I know is the one lit by our everyday sun, this land of difficult love, shot through with shadow."
--Scott Russell Sanders