Wednesday, January 5, 2011

guess they're not interchangeable...

This morning at work I was answering the phone and a woman called and asked for a coworker who was on the other line. I told the woman on the phone that I could put her on hold and transfer her once the line was available. After two or three minutes, my coworker was still on the other line, so I picked the phone back up and explained to the woman waiting that I could transfer her to her voicemail, to which she responded: I had already said I wanted that. (If you've ever answered phones, you know rude people just come with the territory. And there's some universal law that states that if you call someone and they can't see you, you can say you said whatever you want and it's always true.) In all the fluster, my immediate reaction:

I'm sorry, I thought you wanted to be held.

And then transferred her as quickly as I could, realizing what I said. Points for early morning, tongue-tied creepiness. Lesson learned: being held is not equal to holding is not equal to being on hold.

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