Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Lyrics in English:

The memory is lost, it all starts all over again
I forget the stone, and turn back to stumble,
Fear, selfishness, racial prejudice
And there's always gonna be a story to justify it

That we're different, I'm not objecting to that
I respect your beliefs, your way of thinking
But I'm sure of one thing and you can't deny it
That we are all children of the same Dad

Who gives me life?
Papadio (Papa = dad, dio=gave--I'll let you come to your own conclusions)
Who blesses me?
Who gives me the moon?
Good fortune?

That money is really good, I'm not gonna deny it
And that everybody likes it is pure truth
But it doesn't compare to your way of love
And there are things in life that can't be compared

They want to forget morality
[next line--not sure]
We go back again
To what a little memory would have saved us from


I find you in a smile and in the eyes of my children
In the sunrise and in the cry or a friend
The body of a woman that makes me say your name
And the song of my people that makes me cry out, ay hombre

The end of war
Peace in my land
My shield and my spear
All my hope

Don't dwell on the things that can hurt you
[this line, not sure']
It's better to keep your mind on things here
Where it can still be fixed
That a little bit of love could save us.

(p.s. I tend to translate clumsily and there are a lot of expressions I'm just not familiar with so if you speak/understand Spanish, feel free to correct me or let me know a better way to say it. Thanks!)

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