Wednesday, January 26, 2011

while watching the two towers

Sarawr: Watch the Ent coming up later, he throws his head in the water. It's so funny.

about ten minutes later

Alicia: Can he live without his head?
Sarawr: Huh?
Alicia: Can the Ent live without his head?
Sarawr: I mean... probably not. I don't really know though.

the part where the Ent is on fire and douses himself in the flood from the broken dam

Sarawr: See? Ahaha! [mimes the Ent in the water]
Alicia: Oh... I don't think he ripped his head off, though. I think he just ducked his head under the water.
Sarawr: Yeah, that's what I--wait a second...

And now you know! Throwing your head in something has TWO MEANINGS!

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