Thursday, May 28, 2009

a day por status updates

Because I spend way too much time on freaking facebook (I try to do smart things like read and write and make lists, but this is what happens instead), sometimes I think in facebook statuses.

--woke up late the only day this week my boss will see me coming in. got so mad that i said /arrghgh, i'm late anyway/ and fell off the bandwagon and went to starbucks. stupid starbucks.

--wow this danish is good.

--wow again. someone from a partner office of ours called and said they were from the office ''over here in the ghettos.''

--oh that danish. don't throw up don't throw up don't throw up.

--just freed thirteen staples from a jammed stapler. this is why they pay me. i am handy.

--is going home to floss her teeth! no, really.

--just realized she switches points of view in her statuses as often as she does in writing and thought. i wonder if that means she has some sort of dissociative personality disorder. (you see what i did there?)

--is hot. it's wed-humit like santa marta. ay colombia, es verdad que el riesgo es que quieras quedar. cuando vuelvo? sara les dice nos hablamos, nos vemos. espera.

--ahora sara quiere hablar asi. cuidado, va a contestar el telefono y decir ''alo? soy sara. puedo ayudarle?''

--bueno. es que quiero estar en colombia ahorita misma. es que les extraño--a los niños, el bebé, sus tíos y padres y primos y david y su musica y todo todo todo. pare. no mas.

--sara says sorry guys. this is amurrica. we speak english. she will too.

--omg. there is a waterbug three inches long in my office. please someone huge and manly come help me and squish him!! buuuuuuughghgh.

--i think i just got called from one of those call people in india. kinda cool.

--aaaaand, off to the orthodontist. thinking i might be too old for braces, but then i also might be too old for all the twirling i do in skirts.

--holy crap. i feel like my teeth are coming out of the roof of my mouth. i am going to die.

--i have realized that i do in fact see my life flash before my eyes more frequently (say, ten times a day) now that i watch ER so regularly.

--watching a horribly dubbed indian movie (not bollywood) but there's something kind of endearing about it. something about it is perfect.

--conked out on the heater couch.

--sara has a secret. a very exciting one. we'll see in a week. she's freaking out a little bit.

--alicia: "i've come to the conclusion that indians are they inspiration for pop dancing. silly backstreet boys, we had it first."

--and now she is dancing like them.

--so slumdog, dev patel's hands, and probably trying to sing along with jai ho. oh crap i wish i had something witty. no really, i'm going now. night, y'all.

[This is perhaps the reason I won't be getting a twitter account.]

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