Thursday, September 12, 2013


Kind of a different perspective than what I'm normally quoting around here but still so beautiful.

"How could our hearts be large enough for heaven if they are not large enough for earth? The only country I am certain of is the one here below. The only paradise I know is the one lit by our everyday sun, this land of difficult love, shot through with shadow."
--Scott Russell Sanders


  1. from Merton's No Man Is an Island, chapter 6 (Asceticism and Sacrifice) 15 (p. 115)

    All nature is meant to make us think of paradise. Woods, fields, valleys, hills, the rivers and the sea, the clouds traveling across the sky, light and darkness, sun and stars, remind us that the world was first created as a paradise for the first Adam…. Heaven is even now mirrored in created things. All God's creatures invite us to forget our vain cares and enter into our own hearts, which God Himself has made to be His paradise and our own. If we have God dwelling within us, making our souls His paradise, then the world around us can also become for us what it was meant to be for Adam—his paradise. But if we seek paradise outside ourselves, we cannot have paradise in our hearts.

  2. that is wonderful. thanks for sharing it!