Thursday, August 22, 2013

things i've slept on the last ten weeks:

June 8: combination bench/leather couch, last day in my apartment in Pitesti
June 9-June 15: Hannah's top bunk, familia York
June 15-June 20: twin bed in Germany
June 21: plane, bench in a bus station in Istanbul, bus seat
June 22-June 24: twin bed in the guest room of some friends
June 25-29: dorm in Izmir, room 602
June 30-July 14: dorm in Izmir, room 604
July 15: futon in an office
July 16-July 18: my old bed at Alicia's, complete with a soon-to-be-married-lady bedfella
July 19: hotel in Garner with a rollaway bed and a bunch of ants
July 20-July 21: amazingly squishy couch at Arielle's
July 22-July 27: couch older than me at Alicia's
July 28: Elizabeth and Tristan's daybed
July 29-July 30: bed at Momma's
July 31-August 1: couch at Alicia's
August 2-August 8: love seat at Kaila's
August 9-August 10: couch at Alicia's
August 11-August 17: love seat at Kaila's
August 18-present: amazingly comfortable couch at Marli's

That's sixteen places, nineteen if you count the different locations on the travel day, and eighteen different movements. To be continued after the next ten weeks...

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