Monday, September 30, 2013

more places i've slept (this time with a happy ending)

(Scroll to the end for the most important part. Otherwise, read on.)

When we last left off, mid-August, I'd been sleeping on Marli's couch. On the night of the 25th, I slept on her love seat, my mom slept on her couch, and then I hopped a plane to Los Angeles. From there:

August 26-August 27: Eddie and Jessica's couch
August 28-September 3: futon at my soon-to-be family's house
September 4-September 7: Nicole's amazing extendable king-sized couch
September 8-September 12: With Peter Pan the cat on a pull out of the wall bed!
September 13-September 15: Eddie and Jessica's couch
September 16-September 17: Eddie and Jessica's bed (with permission!)
September 18-present: the newly bedbug-free twin bed in Alicia and John's other room

Not so bad. And even though it's piled high to the ceiling with all our things, it's got a door. I have my own bedroom that I can sleep in at night and a living room with a couch I can sit on in the day. It's glorious. But it gets better. Projected:

present-October 4: still Alicia and John's
October 5: Tessa's new camper/trailer thing
October 6-October 8: not Alicia and John's couch (tempting though it may be to return to my natural habitat)
October 9-October 12: a cabin in Wisconsin! to debrief
October 13-October 18: one last week in the twin bed as a single lady
October 19-October 24: in a hotel on Carolina Beach on not one but two queen beds which will be made much use of
October 25: somewhere in Raleigh, maybe at Grannie's, post-State Fair
October 26-INDEFINITELY: our bed in our apartment in Los Angeles

Y'all. My boy's been working hard, preparing a place for us. On October 26th, probably around five in the afternoon, I will move into our new place and unpack and sleep in our brand new bed. This is in less than a month. It's strange to think that someone chooses you and you choose them and then you have a place to be together. More on this later. For now, very soon, I will live somewhere. So so so excited.

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