Thursday, August 15, 2013


Y'all, 2013 has been the suck year. Straight up crazy. It's also been pretty dang wonderful. Let me list to you the reasons...

Suck Year:
--Started having funky heart palpitations. It happened about a hundred times a day for two weeks, then stopped, then started again less frequently and has gone on sporadically since then. Thought I was gonna die for a little bit in there.
--Got squashed when the Mighty Mazda got squashed, got my stomach beat up pretty bad. Seven months later I'm still slightly deformed and don't have complete sensation.
--Getting scanned from head to toe after the wreck the doctors found a cyst on my brain. On my BRAIN. Scary.
--Left all the wonderful people I love in Romania.
--On the way to Turkey my intestines to decided they wanted to be paralyzed or obstructed in some other way so I had terrible pains and couldn't eat for five days.
--Bed bugs.
--Getting bit by what we think was a black widow, I kid you not. I didn't have a severe reaction but it hurt like heck and as we speak it's still spreading and swelling. Heading back to the doctor once more tomorrow.

--There's nothing physically wrong with my heart.
--No symptoms with the cyst which means hopefully and likely that's fine too.
--A perfect, perfect ending to a time in Romania I'm so grateful for.
--My belly started working again with no intervention. Well, lots and lots of prayer helped a lot actually.
--Getting engaged to a pretty amazing guy.
--Marrying him soon!
--Getting to be back a while longer in my beautiful Wilmington.
--Getting to see my girl Nicole in Los Angeles and meet family I've never met and family that's new.
--Lots of other things... this ought to be continued.

The point is that 2013 is not even over yet. Thank you, but you have met your quota in all ways. We can just sit back and be boring from here on out. Much appreciated.

Regards (in the British sense),


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