Tuesday, February 28, 2012

a wild sloth appears!

The first time we came to Romania I learned something from one of the Americans on our team that is quite possibly the best and weirdest icebreaker you've ever seen. It's called slothing.

Participant one assumes sloth-role. Three fingers on each hand, a face of lazy bliss and really really slow movements. It works best if participant number two is both unwilling and has long hair/a hood, anything that participant one can attach himself to. The idea is to slowly grab the unsuspecting victim's hair (or whatever) and pretend to eat it (or something), get way too close and watch with glee as he or she reacts.

See exhibit A:

Sloth in his natural environment. The fingers aren't visible, but this is a most exceptional sloth-face. Note how oblivious the Englishman is to the fact that his English space bubble will soon be invaded. Perfect execution.

Nearly three years later, we discover, in the words of First Sloth, inception is real! I have no memory of this but I've been slothing. Photographic evidence:

Exhibit B is a poor example of sloth-face, but we see excellent sloth-hands. Later photographs reveal the distance between sloth and victim was in fact bridged.

So what about you guys? Do you sloth? Any good sloth stories/pictures?


  1. just... awesome. :) my favorite Patrick-slothing story is the one where on some IV retreat or other, in the dead middle of the night, he sleep-slothed the guy next to him on the bed. In fast motion. Yeah. oh, how I wish I could have witnessed that!!

  2. I mean, he slothed while he was asleep, that is. He has no memory of said event (being asleep), so perhaps it is just hearsay. I hope not. Who needs to sleep walk when you can sleep sloth?

  3. ahahaa, oh julie. that is incredible :) somehow i'm not surprised at all.