Sunday, February 26, 2012


I read this article yesterday. Here's a quote:

"Tekhelet is the color of the sky,” Dr. Koren said in his laboratory. “It’s not the color of the sky as we know it; it’s the color of sky at midnight.” He paused and added, “It’s when you are all alone at night that you reach out to God, and that is what tekhelet reminds you of.”

Really great. Definitely worth reading.

So many good things happened at camp and I want to be sure to write about them. To assert that I am thankful.

One of those things happened the second week. We played a game outside, one we played both the previous week and year in which you build small houses and it involves running around in the dark up to your thighs in snow, eluding thieves and collecting money from people who wander around in the darkness flashing a light every now and again. The second week I was one of the light people (I can't think of anything to call them except fairies).

It was clear the second week, and as a fairy/bank teller/IFA, I climbed the hill that goes past the cabin and stood by myself watching the stars and flashing the light every few minutes. I never really knew to call the color of the sky at night when there's not any light pollution anything but black, but it isn't at all. The mountain rises up a big dark thing next to you like dark still water but the sky pulls back from it like the tide might. That sky is the Pacific at night, teeming with all kinds of life, shining and fluorescent. Whole worlds you get to stand under and behold.

I am thankful for an unchanging God who meets me in the dark and points me toward his glory. And that he isn't wandering around in the darkness, hard to catch, hoping we see some quick burst of light, hoping we can make it through the snow before he disappears again. He came down, came to us while we were in rebellion against him, that he came as the light that shines in the darkness. A floodlight, not a flash.

"Toate vor trece intr-o zi
Oricat de bune ar fi
Doar tu esti vesnic, doar tu ramai
Natiuni s-au ridicat si-au disparut in praf
Doar tu esti vesnic
Anii trec tu ramai Dumnezeu neschimbat
Generatii la rand se ridica si cad
Lumea din jurul meu se schimba ne-ncetat
Anii trec tu ramai Dumnezeu neschimbat."

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