Tuesday, February 7, 2012

welcome back, sky

The sky came back out today, as we say. I was walking downtown by myself with nine students' worth of money for a big European conference so was too distracted to look much at it. But then tonight I went down to the store and really noticed the sky for the first time in almost two weeks. It's been the same color as everything else--during the day, concrete gray, like all the blocs; at night, everything's hazy streetlight orange, the sky reflecting it back down on everything.

You know the feeling when you're outside but you feel like you're inside, in a warehouse or something? The feeling you get when you're walking in a big city between really tall buildings and all the honking and shouting and wind have an enclosed sort of sound. And then there's that other feeling when something's different around you, and you sense it before your brain realizes it. And it felt just like someone had lifted the roof off us. Like being on the mountain. And so I looked up and there it was, the sky a real blue--dark, and hard to see because of the streetlights, but definitely a blue.

There will be three whole days with sunshine and wide, windblown skies. I can't wait.

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