Tuesday, November 2, 2010

the whole world

Just now, I was half asleep listening to a sermon from the church I'll be attending, and all of a sudden the pastor was saying (loudly and with fervor):

"Atat de mult a iubit Dumnezeu 'lumea'--nu 'biserica.'"

In other words, for God so loved the whole world, not just the church. It woke me up, got my attention. Lying here in my bed, listening to those words in a language that is not my own, I'm thinking about how beautiful a thing that is. And one day I will be in Romania because God loved the whole world, because he loved Egypt and Israel, the US and Romania.

I am reminded that it is not just the students of OSCEB I will be serving, but the campuses. There's so much in this and my mind is going so quickly now I doubt I'll be able to fall back asleep, but suddenly, despite the longing to be there, I am reminded of how deeply our God loves Romanian students and that is more even than enough.


  1. You are right, God does love the students in Romania, and He has so much grace pouring down, so much mercy! ... and there are so many who are still not reached with this.

  2. well hello :) after i wrote this post i thought, well if i really badly misunderstood what he said, maybe miha will correct me on here. so the first thing i thought when i got an email saying you had commented was oh no!! haha, but glad you did comment :)

  3. Indeed, God doesn't just love, God IS love. ;)

  4. i've found that different people mean different things when they say that--just curious how you mean it?