Thursday, November 18, 2010

language-related musings

I was reading an article today and came across the Latin words imago dei. Most of you will probably already know this (I didn't), but it means "image of God." "Imago" surely means image. But ''dei"--something about it, maybe the ei in it, made me think of Romanian, of the way the genitive is formed.

And sure enough, just as an example, (a) god of hope is written (I think) "(un) dumnezeu sperantei."

This language has so much Latin influence. Perhaps this is another?

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  1. lol this has happened to me a few times before. There's a song by parazitii called "Praf" where they end almost every other word in -are. I dont know what they're saying but all I know is that they do it with a lot of swagg. And that's the reason why I like romanian so much even if I dont understand it much. Although with so many "-are"'s it gives me the feeling of them talking in the future tense similar to the spanish ending in -are for the future tense.