Monday, October 19, 2009

the plan

Thanks to Kristy Johnson, I'm on The Plan. Here's the problem. I've gotta quit drinking Sun Drop. Not altogether, mind you, but I just think I drink too much. I don't actually have a hard time not drinking it when I'm somewhere where I can't get it (basically anywhere out of state), so I know it's completely a psychological thing. And as these things usually go for me, after trying for forever to quit and never being able to go more than a day or two without it, suddenly it clicked and basically I've gone cold turkey. Kind of.

The Plan, officially, is no Sun Drop during the week, but Friday through Sunday I can have it. I had some Saturday night because I knew I could, but I didn't really want it too badly. Didn't have any yesterday. And am having some right now sort of for the heck of it, but not because I'm really craving it or anything. We'll see how this next week goes, and I'll tell you, I do love Sun Drop and I don't ever want to give up completely, but for the sake of being able to not drink it when I could if I wanted. I feel like I've been cleaning up life lately (again, kind of) and maybe this is just another thing? Who knows, but I'm doing it now and I couldn't before and who knows why, so I figure what the heck, why not?

In other news? Five weeks without a phone, and I got one about a week ago. Which means I'm very poor now, but it's kind of nice having one again. By nice I mean something more like convenient--I don't have to borrow everyone else's and feel guilty about it or tell people to call other people if they need to get ahold of me or use facebook chat as an actual means of communication. But checking for missed calls or text message feels like a facebook sort of addiction all over again. I'm over it now, mostly, but at first I sort of wished I could have gone on without having one.

That, and I love southern accents, I'ma just say. And I'm feeling particularly proud of being from North Carolina (Nohth Kehrlahna, if I'm saying it quickly enough, that second r barely being pronounced) as of late. And there's this website I found a few months ago, one of the coolest things ever, called the International Dialects of English Archive. You can listen to English speakers with all sorts of accents and dialects from all over the world, it's amazing. The North Carolina list isn't as accurately representative as it could be, I think, since a lot of the speakers were from Greensboro, which sounds pretty similar to how people in Atlanta talk, and there are a ton more accents in the state than that one. But it's still such a cool, amazing thing. I can't tell you how much time I've spent listening to recordings on this site.

It's a weird night though. Don't know how to end this one. I almost always say that when I don't know how to end, and if I end by saying I don't know how, then I'm copping out. Where's that ending? Well, maybe I'm copping out, but here we go again, so here I go again, Sun Drop to my left and Jamie's stories to my right, and what a way that is to end a Sunday, at least.

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  1. Love that link! I could spend all afternoon listening...