Wednesday, March 18, 2009

israelis, palestinians, and rockets

I read this article a few days ago, and while I've always been a little on the fence about the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians (that is, I think the Holy Land does belong to the Jewish people, but I also just wish all the violence over it would stop--wishful thinking and all that), this article pretty well set my mind in it. That said, it is written by someone who has very strong opinions on it and who isn't afraid to defend them. So, the most fascinating article I've ever read about Israel:

As a sort of aside, does anyone know the difference between Israelis and Israelites? I mean, I always read Israelis when I read political articles and I'm pretty sure I've only seen Israelites in the bible, but I didn't know if there was any more of a difference than that. Anyone know?


  1. i think that the only difference between israeli and israelite is that somewhere in history we stopped using "ite" at the end of a name to describe a group of people, but its the same group that its always been

  2. yeah, now that you say that i'm thinking over other nationalities that end with -ite. also, your blog won't let me leave comments =( but i really like "unleashed within" !

  3. oh that sucks, can you not post anonymously?