Thursday, January 24, 2013

weddings: equal parts celebration and panic

So let me tell you all, January 2013 is the month of engagements. Two of the four girls I've lived with in the last three years got engaged, and another girl I lived with some growing up. My question for all, particularly the ladies with whom I've lived, as posed on facebook: who wants to be next?

With two of these girls I've already gone dress shopping. And actually it just needs to be made known that, since being in Romania, almost every single wedding I'd want to be at has happened. And I didn't grow up going to weddings, had only been to two ever before leaving. So I have nearly no experience. And all of a sudden, up to my ears in all things weddings.

It's been a blast. I'm thankful to even be here for it, having missed all the rest, these being the most important--our God's a good one and he knows us, knows how to give good gifts.

The other hand--there is one--is that it stresses me out more than I can even say because it's forcing me to turn their questions back on myself. And the truth is that I'd honestly just elope. And being in a position where I can't very responsibly ignore the the topic of my own wedding indefinitely, there it is: how do I love my friends without giving myself an aneurism or swearing off of marriage altogether
? (Neither being a very nice option, eloping not actually being a third possibility.)

Thankfully all this wedding stuff is currently about them and not even a little bit about me :)) And all the questions floating around are mostly hypothetical, at least for the moment.

So, besides that I love my friends, here are some more reasons to celebrate these weddings, all to do with my duties as bridesmaid:

Gangnam Style
Booti Call
The Wobble

And some we're shagging to:

Wagon Wheel (heart a-flutter!)
Mama's Drinkin' Liquor
Sugar Cookies

All of which I've got about six months to learn. Richlands, Town of Perfect Water and snakes in the woods and weddings with cowboy-boot-wearing girls: watch yoself. We're bringin' it. And my girl is getting hitched.

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