Wednesday, January 23, 2013

a post in which i am grateful

In no particular order except as I think of things:

// the pile of books in my room right now

// skype

// being a part of secret plans

// the (no longer secret!) engagement of two beautiful friends

// cats, particularly one i have been calling ron weasley the wizard cat whose real name is chewie

// good friends, and getting to share lots of good things with them for a little while longer

// a heart that's still managing to beat blood through me every morning

// sundrop (let's be real)

// the town i grew up in and the family that almost adopted me once

// the way words like aunt become aint in that town (and how my ear can have me saying wuhter just like i'm eleven again)

// the margarita i had the other the night (let's be even more real)

// february and everything that might (could) be

// a wet, atlantic sky

to be continued, i'm sure...


  1. totally called this. actually said out loud after i posted it, nicole's gonna comment on the margarita part. sweaty heathen!