Monday, June 27, 2011

out of commission

Well, instead of pictures to upload of my week at Baile Herculane, I sadly am (and am very fortunate to be) typing this blog on an iPod. My computer is dead, mostly. Occasionally I can get it to work, but most of the time it won't stay on for more than ten minutes without blowing up. I'm leaving Thursday for Germany and then after that I'll be at camp, so I'm kind of out of commission for the next few weeks. Still planning on updating when I can swipe a computer and that sort of thing, but in the meantime it'll be hit and miss.

That said, when I get back and hopefully get my whacked-out computer fixed, I have some crazy stories like how my very mild-mannered coworker and I, the Romanian-as-a-second/third-language speaker had to go off on some guys on the train and also how, one night, something felt like a truck hit the house and the whole thing shook and we never did figure out what it was. And a whole ton more.

In the meantime, can't wait till that and writing about adventures in Germany...


  1. what happend with your laptop?

  2. dani, se pare ca ai magic hands. l-am deschis si tot n-a crapat. o sa vedem, haha, dar multumesc fff mult!