Tuesday, June 28, 2011

''meat free'' cherries

It seems my computer is working today. Let's see if it'll work long enough to write a blog about fruit.

Because let me tell you, the fruit here is amazing. So glad to live in a place where you can get it fresh and cheap. And the really cool thing about it is that it actually comes in seasons here. You know, like fruit is supposed to do. First it was the strawberries, and then the cherries and the sour cherries. And when we got back to Bucuresti yesterday, all over the place were these giant piles of watermelons. I do mean big, big enough that I'm certain a kid could scale it. I'm not sure which fruit comes next although I'm looking forward to finding out, but I'm told that you start to crave the fruits alongside the times when they're in season.

As for last week, I ate my weight in visine, which I'm pretty sure are the sour cherries. So sitting at the table in Baile Herculane, having eaten probably twenty already--you can't stop eating them, they're so good--Mike walks by me and says:

"Be careful of the worms."

To which I replied: "...Poftiiiiim?"

And then someone explained to me how they usually have little worms in then. That one time they opened each one and every single one had a worm in it. That sometimes when they're selling them there's a sign over them that says: "Fara Carne," meaning without meat. Heh. Anyway, how do they know?

Well. For as many cherries as I ate this past week, I don't want to think about how many little worms might have been in my stomach. But, as another person with us told me with a wise and knowing nod, better not to think about it. After which I helped myself to more.


  1. Heh... I have a cherry tree in my garden... I go daily and get a bowl full of cherries... meat free... don't know why but I never saw worms in these...
    The sour cherries(visinele) should have no worms... only the sweet cherries (ciresele) (regular cherries) ...but you won't find worms in all of them... 1 in 20-30 have a worm. That's why I hate to buy them from the market and I get them from my garden...
    Pepenii nu au aparut inca pe aici. In sud (Bucuresti) apar mai repede.
    After these fruits, the autumn apples will come, and the grapes and before these the plums... and many other. Then in the winter we get them from Turkey but are not good at all.
    Have fun in Germany!

  2. There was a joke in Romania... What's worst than finding a worm in an Apple? Find half a worm :)

  3. da, mi-a zis si colega mea de camera, de obicei pepenii nu apar asa de devreme. adica chiar in bucuresti. poate nu sunt din aici? nu stiu.

  4. Cam acum apar... cam acum si or sa tot apara pana la sfarsitul verii.