Sunday, February 13, 2011

quick catch-up

Well, I have so much to write about and catch up on but I'm afraid I don't have regular internet access yet. It's been a blast so far though and I can't wait to tell all kinds of crazy stories. I have one involving a bloody ankle and shoe from the second day and even have pictures, but I'm wanting to wait until I can post the pictures to tell the story. But don't worry, it doesn't involve vampires or wild dogs.

Oh goodness, so much I want to say so far. And I could even tell some of it in Romanian--good thing it's easier to learn jumping in than from a book, oh man.

So I'll be gone again beginning tomorrow for a week and a half, but after that I hope to play catch up on here. But it's been wonderful, people and God. This city is beautiful--sometimes in the way you'd expect I mean, and in other ways too. Excited and thankful, and can't wait to write about it all.

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  1. so typical of your life... hahaha can't wait to hear all about it! glad you made it safe!!