Tuesday, February 8, 2011


It's an hour and a half now till we leave for the airport, and I hardly know what to write. The last week has been non-stop, no time to write or process, just packing and errands. And spending time with people--the thing is I never thought it would be difficult to move to another country. I mean that in the sense of being nomadic. And while I can't rightly say exactly how I feel about it now because it's so many things, I do understand how much I'll miss everyone here, these people who became my family. I suppose that's normal, but it was a surprise to me.

But I'm excited, although what's more accurate to call it is disbelief. It took so long and then it went so quickly, and here we go. My best friend in the world is in the room next to me and we drove to her mother's yesterday, driving all around like we've always done. We went to a town I used to live in to visit my brother and I told him one day we'd ride trains together in Romania, and then I prayed with him for the first time ever. After that we drove around the town and saw the apartment I used to live in. From the road you could see the third-story balcony I fell from when I was twelve. And we drove by the place where she and her mother visited family on Saturdays for three years. It's funny to think how big a part one town played in our lives six or seven years before we met, not being from the same place or even, in some ways, the same continent (depending on whether you consider North and South America separate continents).

And this time last week, the girl whose family was my own came and picked me up and I saw the strange and familiar world I grew up in. Who knew people you haven't seen in years could love you so much? That's what I'm coming to, though. All these years separating us and lines crisscrossed in between and you begin to see how God planned things, how it was all being worked together. Not in order to be torn apart, but for good.

So it's only that those crisscrossing lines are reaching further and farther. And what family God has for me here he will also have for me there, lines that trace both ways.

We're about to eat now. Something really southern like lamb chop and butter cream potatoes. My itinerary has me connecting in Frankfurt, and then on to Bucuresti. And then we'll see.

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