Thursday, June 3, 2010

avalanche + ''mister" = one busy day so far

I'm sitting here at work on my lunch break and I would like to report that, in addition to my handiness which involves: freeing thirteen jammed staples from a stapler, untangling something like a hundred feet of plastic angel bead things and cutting perfectly straight lines (better than the paper cutter!), not ten minutes ago I survived an avalanche in the storage room. And when I say avalanche, as in ''avalanche of paperwork,'' I'm not being figurative. I had to get some folders from a box on the bottom of a stack of six, and these stacks are very precarious and crooked. So, no, I didn't try to pull the one from the bottom, and instead I responsibly tried to remove them one at a time from the top down. However, this did not prevent the other stack from avalanching down on my head while everything else in the room got knocked over by the flying files. But I surived, got the folders I needed, did the filing to be done and cleaned up the mess, all in under ten minutes. This is why they pay me the big bucks. Right? Don't they?

Yesterday afternoon the Colombian roommate left for Brazil. And another friend is flying back from England, and actually she's probably in the air as I type this. And here I am wondering if living alone is something I'd ever like to do. Sometimes I think yes--the hermit in me insists on time away from people. But even apart from the bit in me that does like to be social and have people around, I think I'd be way too scared to. Seriously, number one thing to look forward to about maybe being married one day: someone manly to check out the scary noises.

All of that said, it looks like I'm going to be having a surprise roommate**. For reasons best not discussed on the blog, my brother will be staying with me for a brief period of time before I can get something more permanent and official set up for him. It's a weird place to be in, honestly, and for the record this has nothing to do with the last blog post. I feel like I've become the mom in addition to being the sister, and for all practical purposes it's what I am now. After everything, who would have guessed it'd go this way? I'm trying to come up with something clever to call this, but the only thing that comes to mind for mother + sister is mister, and no, thank you. However, somewhere in all of this is the acute awareness that a line has to be drawn somewhere. I'm not his mother, not even close. And he has to be able to live for himself. Guidance, yes, supports, yes. All of that. But for those reasons I'm glad I am leaving for Romania or else the line might get too blurred to ever make sure he does it on his own.

So if you pray, I'd appreciate those. And if you don't, that's okay too, just be thinking of us. I've had a lot of help so far even just today in figuring out how to work all of this out, so I think it will. God's good, and the people around me right now are jumping in helping like nothing else. And if we can get this to work before I leave for Romania, it might be okay, I might not be so scared of leaving him. Things could come out all right.

**UPDATE: Whether or not he's coming here is now up in the air. There are better programs in other cities and we're looking into that, but everything is still going really well. So we'll see.

And if this post could get any longer, just read this quote: "I've got to quit trying to play the Holy Spirit's role by forcing, manipulating, talking, and programming people into the change I want to see. Instead I've got to spend more time praying that the Holy Spirit would come into their lives and regenerate them." --Francis Chan. As the Colombian would say, hit me like a ton of bricks. Good gracious.

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