Sunday, January 24, 2010

ode to sundrop

there once was a wondrous thing
a drink choice fit for the kings
carbonation and love
sent down from above
about which you can't help but sing

from sweet caroline with caffeine
that bottle of yellow and green
your heart rate is up
'cause inside this cup's
the greatest drink you've ever seen

it's citrus mixed in with desire
your blood sugar keeps rising higher
'you're delicious to drink
can't hardly think'
rise up the words of the choir

'ode to sundrop!' is what they declare
with ardor, this frenzied affair
'love of mine, shan't we part
you're etched in my heart
and i swear you'll always be there.'


  1. I agree with your passion for this golden treasure,
    That gives me hours of sweet gulping pleasure
    It starts off my morning, get's me out in the race
    As the fizzy small bubbles spray up in my face
    When I take that first taste everything is okay
    So turn up that green bottle and make it your day.

  2. you need to send this to Lesley Potter!