Wednesday, January 13, 2010

aaaand... smooth

My buddy Nathan and I showed up to class this morning looking like this, the class being a religion one, no less. Whoops. Completely accidental, too. And I proceeded to put my hoodie back on, thermostat set at something like eighty.

It's looking to be an interesting class, though. It's Great Books: World Religion and at least recently I've been interested in learning more about other religions, specifically Islam. So we'll see. Class today didn't disappoint. The professor accidentally knocked over his opened water bottle and didn't realize until someone said something. He jumped up, yelled something that starts with a sh- and rhymes with fit, started wiping up all the water and picking his pretty-soaked-through religious texts. And then! Then he said, this is a sign--I don't know what it means, but that right there was a sign! Once everything was wiped up he went back to being mild-mannered and shuffled over to the podium and kind of mumbled, sorry for anything I might have said. So today, all around, all parties considered: facepalm/fail/smooth, all in the best way possible.

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