Saturday, June 8, 2013


The packing continues and I've bagged up a bunch of books to give to a family and an English-speaking school in Bucuresti and in the process was going through some of the ones I really liked to copy down the things I underlined. This from the end of Father Fiction (a very very helpful book for me a few years back):

"Sometimes human life can seem no more meaningful than a fish flopping on a shore. Writhing. Out of its element. And I would love to tell you that the real problem in life is we believe we are writhing when we aren't, but that's not true. My spirituality, that is Christian spirituality, doesn't tell me to close my eyes and pretend life is beautiful and there are no problems to confront. I'm told, instead, I am out of water, and if I want to find water again, I must go in search of a different kind of water. All of us have been washed on the shore. We all have issues, we are all broken."

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