Friday, May 24, 2013

crazy dreams

Yesterday morning I dreamed the car I was driving--borrowing, from the Colombiana--got hit by a meteor. Mornings usually go like this for me. I'll wake up before it's time to get up, fall right back asleep for another hour or so and dream the wildest things and nearly always remember them. 

I've driven once since the accident. Not because I'm afraid to, just that I didn't have a car in the States and here of course have absolutely no need for one. But the one time I did drive was a trip. I was dding for a friend on Superbowl Sunday and all of a sudden, there in the dark lit up by the headlights, just a split second, an orange cat. Real fast and abrupt. And I ran him over and shrieked because it surprised and scared me so badly and luckily my friend was drunk or who knows what she might have done. The poor cat, and I was still jumpy around any and all sudden movements on the road (despite the fact that I wasn't driving and didn't see it coming--the wreck, I mean, haha that's not very clear).

And anyway it's looking like I'll be borrowing my friend's car while she's honeymooning at the end of July. And I'm so anxious that no matter how well I'll drive somehow her car will end up totaled completely out of my control. You know, like a meteor hitting a cell phone tower and the broken off chunks of rock squashing the side of my car.

We should be hearing back about the claim in the next month. So that might be good news. The thing on my stomach is still there but looks much much better than it did four months ago. Good news for sure. The one I'm watching with the most interest lately is a bruise that was pretty deep and nasty on the back of my calf--since then it's moved around to the front on my shin and mostly gone away, but there's still a hard discolored spot. It itches sometimes so it must be trying to heal.

I'm gonna miss good public transport though. It's easier and so much cheaper here at least. One of the several possibilities for what comes next, moving to California has me hoping the public transit's at least better than it is in North Carolina although a car might still be something that has to happen. Where it will come from and how that will happen I have absolutely no idea. But it's a reminder of the ease with which I get around now, all the walking and minibuses and especially the metro in Bucuresti. And I love the city, which is where it's all at.

Not sure where to end this one. If I do get by a meteor, you heard it here first!

**I do realize that it's a meteorite once it's hit the earth or your car. But until then, do you say meteor if you're talking about something you're getting hit by? It's still a meteor up until the moment of impact, right? You didn't get hit by something that already landed. Anyway I'm just gonna go with meteor and be consistent, even if it's wrong :)

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