Saturday, September 1, 2012


Y'all. The title says it all. Also, I hate pigeons.

[In case you didn't watch the third video, I am not a pigeon terrorist. I am in fact a daily victim of pigeon terrorism.]

This was meant to be a quiet morning on my day off... anyway they haven't come back. I can still hear them but I think that's it for now...


  1. I definitely enjoyed this post! I'm sorry you are under attack by a pigeon terrorist though. Maybe see if you can buy some bamboo skewers and stick them in places that would make it uncomfortable for the pigeon? Just an idea. Don't give way to pigeon terrorism. You could also ask the locals how they deal with pigeons that try to roost outside their windows. They may have more effective ideas. Good luck!

  2. hey esther! thanks for stopping by :) it's a good idea, with the bamboo. thankfully they haven't come back to that particular window--i think i probably scared them too badly to ever come back. living on top floor, though... i expect they'll always be around. in the meantime, promise not to give way to pigeon terrorism... :)