Thursday, June 28, 2012

drug-induced rant

Discovery of the day: in a parallel universe the pharmacist lady just became responsible for the conception of my first child.

Explanation: y'all, I'm sick. And I never get sick, but I slept in the same bed as a coughing sick French girl last week and Saturday morning upon waking up, lo and behold, swollen lymph nodes. Normally this is the worst of it, thanks to a good immune system, but here I am five days later on the edge of death.

So I sucked it up last night after a rough previous night and lots of insisting on the part of Doamna Flori and went to the pharmacy. What I left with was a lifetime supply of amoxicillin and other goodies. However, since I've never been able to get antibiotics without a prescription I decided to read about it on the internet and make sure I was taking what I needed to be.

Turns out amoxicillin can cancel the effects of oral contraceptives! Heyo! Now of course that is in all ways irrelevant for me but the pharmacist never asked me anything about it and I'm reading it everywhere. It'd be one thing if I were an eighty year old man but I'm twenty-three and a girl. Maybe I'm just used to being given the third degree by American doctors--then again, maybe on the other hand if you can get stuff like this without a prescription here it's your job to make sure it's not going to counteract anything else you're taking. (I'm currently singing the STIM song...)

The short of it is that I don't like taking medicine and the only time ever ever do is times like now. This is partly why. Other than that, it always makes me feel really funny. What I'm taking now is supposedly non-drowsy but I've been weird and dizzy all day. Walking up the hill I live on earlier today I felt like I was just going to tip over the whole time. I have a crazy story from the last time I took Benadryl. Buh feel like I'm on drugs.

Seriously I have no idea how to end this post. I guess it's high time I just quit typing (oh snap).


  1. Sorry you're a sick girl. Just wanted to say, I was prescribed amoxicillin a few weeks ago, and the dr. never mentioned any contra-indications (sic), nor has any dr. that prescribed it in all my don't feel's a universal "bedside manner" among physicians.
    Get well girl!
    Aunt Cindie

  2. You poor thing! I hope you feel better soon. Contraceptives come with all sorts of warnings that some drugs (including antibiotics) can reduce their effectiveness, so ideally people should already be aware of that issue. Of course, that might be too optimistic! Good for you for reading up on the drugs you are taking.