Thursday, September 1, 2011

bidding my farewells

About to leave yesterday and feeling like I was on the edge of death,

Sara: Hey, plec acum. Nu stiu cand ma intorc, dar... sper ca ne vedem. (Hey I'm leaving now. Not sure when I'm coming back, but... I hope we'll see each other again.)

Altcineva: Asta suna melodramatic! (Sounds pretty melodramatic.)

Roommie: [sidelong glance at Altcineva]

Sara: [can't breathe, and at that super high pitch Romanians start their sentences when they're excited/flustered] NUUUUuuuuu! Sper ca ne mai vedem astazi! Astazi! Not, like, vreodata! (Noooo! As in I hope we'll see each other later today. Today! Not, like, ever.)

So ne vedem is like see you later. But in this context... Anyway, despite being on the edge of death, I am still alive. However we haven't yet seen each other.


  1. In this context I would use: Hey, acuma plec... nu stiu cand ma intorc, dar sper sa ne mai auzim.
    Don't know why but sa ne auzim sounds better than sa ne vedem.

  2. buuh, my beat-up, americanized romanian. putin cate putin :) oricum, e interesant. numai am auzit-o cand vorbesc pe (cu??) telefon. deci e potrivit chiar atunci cand vorbesti fata in fata?

  3. da. "ne (mai) auzim" merge si la vazutul fata-n fata. eu unul doar asta folosesc. cand zic "ne-om mai vedea" ma gandesc la o revedere dupa o perioada mai lunga.