Monday, August 15, 2011

an average day at the park

Today, while sitting in the park listening to music, as per usual I was approached. An old man rode by me on a bike staring straight at me and then circled back around not long later and stopped in front of me. The following conversation occurred. (Note: I understood a lot more than I can reproduce so forgive any inconsistencies language-wise.)

Domnul: Sa nu va deranjez... (something that sounded like asculti) musique? C'est (something) musique? [Not to bother you, but... (I think) what kind of music are you listening to?]

Sara: ... [Trying to remember some French]

Domnul: Parlez-vous francais? [Do you speak French?]

Sara: N-- [Started to say that I didn't]

Domnul: Un peu? Un peu? [A little?]

Sara: Oui, mais... [Yes, but... (in reality that was a stall)]

Domnul: (a whole string of stuff I don't really catch) musique?

Sara: Je ne comprends pas. [I don't understand (but I finally remembered how to tell you!)]

Domnul: (something I don't remember)

Sara: Aaa... de unde sunteti? [(attempt at conversation) Where are you from?]

Domnul: Auf wiedersehen! [Goodbye!]

And then his little polyglot self rode happily away.


  1. Polyglots are such jerks sometimes... He just got you interested in talking and left you! Those kinds of interactions are so random and yet they happen all the time... It's just that no one really takes the time to write them down. I've got some stories, some are good, some are better not repeated, but there really are some crazy things that happen living far away from home! Enjoy it!

  2. I very much enjoyed this episode of Sara's European Encounters :)

  3. andrew! ooh i would love to hear those stories--they seem as crazy and shenanigous as all good stories are. and jenny, i am quite glad to hear :)