Saturday, April 2, 2011

i'm blue (da ba dee..)

Well, then. After thirteen years of doing laundry (I can wash clothes like a boss, y'all), it has finally happened. Disaster has struck (stricken?). And now I am the proud owner of half a wardrobe full of once-white now-Willy-Wonka-blueberry-girl-blue clothes.

Suggestions about how to turn them white again are welcome.


  1. oh dear, how did it happen? maybe you could try bleaching them?

  2. well unfortunately we don't know how to put bleach in the washing machine (it's different than any one i've used in the states) so we soaked a tanktop in water and bleach and it came out spotted like i thought it would =/ oh well, haha, at least it's a pretty blue :)