Thursday, April 22, 2010

d-d-done, baby (almost)

And ten hours of writing papers and translating later, I am DONE, baby! I still have one more exam to go, but it's one I'm not worried about. In fact, I may even enjoy it, as far exams go. Oh and then there's that independent study I have to do in the summer but it's writing a personal essay, and as far as writing personal essays goes, I may enjoy that too.

And then I'm graduated. Done done done, and I wouldn't have thought I'd be so glad. Already a hundred other things I have to do are making their way into my mind, but tonight I fully intend to eat a milkshake from Cookout and watch an episode of ER, and that's it. Sounds glorious, yeah?

What else is there? It's been a week almost. Saturday I did this great thing called Oozeball. Volleyball in the mud. I can't tell you how much volleyball I played this past summer. And it's a well known fact that playing it barefoot in the mud and getting down right filthy is the best way to do it. I felt like I was about eight. We lost, but we lost covered from head to toe in mud. Obligatory picture (for those of you on facebook, whoops):



    I want to play Oozeball. Things like that don't really happen after you graduate. So, enjoy it enough for both of us, 'kay?

  2. We had a few graduates on our team so maybe you could still play? I know what you mean though. I'm trying to pack all kinds of stuff like that in these last few months, Oozeball, two a.m. trips to the beach, all that crazy stuff. =)