Monday, September 7, 2009


Como un trueno escucho desde el cielo tu voz
Fuego eterno en tu mirada que a la tierra estremeció
Clamé a mi Dios, y él me escuchó, su mano me dio
Oyó mi oración, partió el cielo en dos, victoria me dio
Tú mi roca, mi refugio y mi protector,
Tu me libras y me cuidas, me escondiste en tu amor
Confiado en ti estoy.

I hear your voice like thunder from heaven
Eternal fire in your face that shook the earth
I cried out to my God, and he heard me, he gave me his hand
He heard my prayer, he split the sky in two, he gave me victory
You, my rock, my refuge, my protector
You free me and you take care of me, you hid me in your love
I'm trusting in you.

(This is much prettier in Spanish, but it's amazing, and my favorite lines--the italicized ones--are amazing in both languages. Technically mirada doesn't translate exactly to face. It means something more like look, like a look on someone's face, but I thought it would sound better and figured face can mean the look on it, so I just translated it that way. And confiado just sounds weird translated to trusting--I wanted to put something like entrusted, I am entrusted in you, I am entrusting myself in you, I am counting on you, I'm putting my trust in you, that kind of thing. But that said, I am not a native speaker and I'm not really positive. The thing is, I'm pretty sure it's being used as an adjective in Spanish, not a progressive, so trusting is more how I am as opposed to what I'm doing. Not overly relevant, I guess, but I'm getting hung up on it. Anyway, amazing song. Just wanted to share it.)


  1. Oh, so these lines came from a song? What's the title? Thanks for the very beautiful quote. It's really inspiring. :)

  2. it is a song! i think it's called como un trueno. it's from the cd from the church i went to in colombia. i'm not sure if the cd has a title or anything, but the the church is called su presencia and it's in bogota, you could probably look it up online. thanks for the comment!