Sunday, February 1, 2009

i want to live with my heart as open as this

1. My middle name is June, and I used to hate it--everyone else had middle names like Elizabeth and Lee, and no one was called June. But I love it now, it's such a pretty name and an even prettier month, and even though every other girl is named Sara, I don't know another Sara June.

2. can't tell you this one

3. Speaking of moving, I lived with a family who was black for a year and a half before I graduated from high school. We don't keep in touch as well as we used to--I've always been sort of bad at that--but they were my family. People ask me what that was like, being white and living with a black family, and it wasn't like anything but family--just a few more people to love me and for me to love and the cutest, most amazing little boy you've ever seen in your life. And it's that kind of thing that makes me where I can't wait until all people of all colors and nations and tongues and all that are worshipping together in heaven.

4. My family's sort of challenged sometimes. But we're getting better. We don't exactly fit each other, but little by little we're staring to grow into each other.

5. Almost every time I hear another language I want to learn it. I've got a list of languages that I'm serious about, but for sure I'll be fluent in Spanish.

6. I've got two of the best roommates in the world, and I don't deserve them at all. But they're amazing and I hope one day we'll be sitting together on the porch or in the living room and all of our kids will be playing together, mine bossing everyone else around and asking a hundred questions, Alicia's breaking for snack time every ten minutes and jumping between English and Spanish, and Hodges' the sweet, quiet, determined ones--and also the ones running everywhere in cute little kid tennis shoes.

7. Somewhere along the way I turned into a romantic--I can tell already just writing this. But not the roses and moonlight romantic. I mean, that stuff's great for sure, but I mean the idealistic kind. The all hope and dream and doing big things one day sort.

8. And that said, I am an INTP--not the idealistic type at all, but the thinker. And I'm an INTP for sure, no doubt at all--but in the last few years it's softened some, and that part of me that loves hope so much comes out a lot in my writer side.

9. Want to be a writer. I'm going to be a writer, one day, and I just love words.

10. And I don't think writing can be taught. I mean, I think it can, to a degree, but I feel like writing schools are good only for sharpening or developing something that's already there. And a lot of people disagree with me.

11. I love school, I love learning so much and I hope I never quit learning. But sometimes I'm just ready to be done with school, and I think the subjects of my majors are things I'll attain with or without a degree just because I'm passionate about them. And for majors like mine (this being totally separate from any of the Sciences), being taught to think sometimes seems a little arbitrary.

12. I love the color green. I mean like love love.

13. And I'm addicted to Sun Drop. I'm a little worried about it actually because of my braces. And the fact that very infrequently do I go a day without Sun Drop.

14. My favorite person in the whole world is my little brother Josh.

15. I'm going to Romania this summer to do missions, baby! And I am pumped. I absolutely can't wait for it.

16. Something about me--my favorite fruit in the world to eat is lemons. You cut them in half, put salt on them, and eat it like that. I love the faces people make when I tell them that, but they really are delicious.

17. And speaking of faces, I make them a lot. Usually I can't help it, and a lot of times it gets me into trouble because they aren't always very nice faces. But to be certain, you can always trust/tell what I'm thinking by my face.

18. I like honesty and transparency and good conversations. And in that, in that connecting with people on real levels, I just want more. I want relationships with people that are intense and wonderful and scary and real and that rock you to the core. I want to know people and feel that knowing. I want that with my friends, with the people I've known and the people I'm getting to know. What I want is to connect with people, to talk for hours, to have the kind of moments that shape your life.

19. In all of the I wants and I loves in the last eighteen numbers is the fact that, even though I love and want these things, I fail at them constantly. And I want to learn to love people so much better than what I do.

20. And to learn to love God better than what I do.

21. Hands are one of my favorite things. When I meet you, chances are that at some point in that first exchange, I’ll have taken a good look at your hands. And not just because I love the way they look—although that’s a big part of it—they have cool symbolism, like reaching for hope and stuff.

22. I like to use these things—what are they called, dashes?—a lot, and I’m almost always conscious of overusing them when I write or type and so I try to cut back, but I think and talk that way—with pauses and inserts and incomplete thoughts.

23. It’s probably not the case, but I hope if you’ve spent a fair amount of time around me that nothing on this list was a surprise. I want to live with all the things I’m passionate about on my sleeves, and I want you to as well, and I want us to talk about those things.

24. I wear bracelets on my right wrist from the countries I’ve gone to, made of the colors of the flags of those countries. Except I don’t have one from the States. Right now I’ve got Mexico and Colombia and I want to travel to/live in more countries than I can think of, and I hope I can find bracelets from each one.

25. I can’t believe I actually made it to twenty five—and I certainly can’t believe I wrote so much. So one last thing—I love analyzing accents and thinking about the etymology of words and the study of linguistics as a whole. So if I could have travel to any moment in history, it would probably be when God confused the languages of the people at the tower of Babel.

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